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Raw Sausages


Raw Sausages

Organic Beef Sausages

100% West Australian organic beef sourced locally and made with our own

secret BBQ recipe – let these lean and tasty sausages blow your friends and

family away. They are also available in Gluten and preservative free.

Image by Piet Althoff

Kiev’s & Schnitzels

Our Schnitzel is a free-range chicken breast in homemade Italian Parmesan

crumb. Our Kiev’s are stuffed with garlic butter. They are both an easy meal for

the whole family and take under 30 minutes.

Image by Nita Anggraeni Goenawan

Chicken Satay & Lamb Kebabs

Juicy, tender and Moorish - once you have our kebabs, you will be back for more.

The lamb fillet kebabs are in a gluten free Mediterranean marinade. The chicken

satay is made with an authentic peanut Asian marinade – available in gluten free

by order. They are a quick and simple meal that is a winner with adults and kids


Image to come.jpg

The Easy Bake Selection

Tuscan breasts - boneless chicken breast stuffed with feta and spinach and

sprinkled with Mediterranean seasoning.

Moroccan chicken - boneless breasts seasoned with a flavorsome North African

spice. Perfect for barbecuing or baking - they are super versatile.

Saltimbocca’s - boneless chicken breast stuffed with sage and ricotta cheese and wrapped in prosciutto.

Image to come.jpg

Butterflied Greek Legs of Lamb

Barbecue, bake or Grilled marinated in our 100% homemade marinade it makes

for the perfect Sunday home or sliced meat for tortillas and salads and souvlakis.

Image to come.jpg

Mediterranean Split Chicken

Try our marinated spilt chicken with no backbone. This chicken is simple yet

elegant to barbecue, bake or grill and is perfect for the next day in sandwiches.

Image to come.jpg

Morrocan Split Chicken

A spilt chicken with no backbone, with a blend of spices from Europe and Africa.

It is full of flavour and is perfect for rice and pasta dishes.

Image by Mateusz Feliksik

Lasagna and Cottage Pies

Our Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish made with an authentic sauce and a

delicious creamy béchamel sauce packed full of goodness.

Our cottage pie is a hearty, wholesome well-rounded meal. Full of flavour, it is a

one dish wonder – reliable, quick and tasty with no fuss; both of these dishes are

done in under 30 minutes and are perfect for the family.

Image by FitNish Media

Pies - Large Family and Small Pies

All our gourmet pies are made with traditional homemade recipes. They are

healthy and full of flavour. They are available in chunky beef and vegetable,

creamy chicken & leek and slow cooked lamb with a honey mint gray.

Image by Karo Kujanpaa


Our homemade hams are made in store from female freerange pork. Cured,

smoked and cut in store. They are juicy and delicious. They taste like Christmas

ham all year round and are available in nitrite free.

Image by Andrew Molyneaux

Bacon (The Whole Range)

Our homemade bacon is made in store from female freerange pork. Cured,

smoked and cut in store. Our bacon is available in short rash, full rib, classic

American, peppered American, nitrite free and are perfect for the weekend

breakfast table.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

A classic Malaysian dish - sweet and spicy with mixed fruit and nuts, it's mouth

watering and simple to cook. Add some veggies and coconut cream and your

ready to go.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Easy Carve Chicken

This is a semi-boneless whole bird stuffed with a chicken and herb seasoning.

Baked for an hour and a half in a moderate oven, making for easy slicing chicken

without any of the mess! This makes the perfect roast and sandwich meat.

Sausage Rolls

Sausages and Sausage Rolls

These products are guaranteed to tastes delicious and are like none other. Full of

meat and flavour, made with traditional recipes that will have you wanting


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