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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to our First blog story today we want to bring you into the backroom where we cut and prepare our meats and meals for you and your family, using the old and new skills that butchering has to offer the consumers of todays fast paced, busy lifestyles.

How to choose your meat!

Often we are asked "how do i pick a good piece of meat?"

well the answer is simple really, At Applecross Village Meats we take the hard work out of selecting the right meats and cuts for you using local, Western Australian produce from a variety of sources from the rolling hills down south to the green pastures that our chickens are raised on, we only source free range and organic produce with ethical farming practices and the best animal husbandry resulting in lean, tasty wholesome food that you can trust.

So what if you want something special?

Well that is something we at Applecross Village Meats love to do whether your looking for a simple cut for the family or a smorgasbord we can custom cut everything to match your needs and the best bit is, if we don't have the cut your looking for we absolutely will be able to organise it for you either on the same day or in the same week meaning that when you click on that not so common recipe or you want to organise a old favourite we will be able to deliver what you need no problems.


We specialise in recipe's and cuts of meats to suit individual dietary requirements so whether you need it to be gluten-free or any other allergen we can do it. we also specialise in Keto and Paleo so theres a good chance we will be able to provide you with something that you have been looking for, we will be covering that in a future blog.

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